Tashi Norbu

forensic scientist, pathologist

POW STR: ●○○○○ INT: ●●●●○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: ●●●○○ WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: ●●●○○
RES STA: ●●○○○ RSV: ●●●○○ CMP: ●●○○○
Acad: 2 Athl: 1 AnKn: 0
Comp: 2 Brwl: 0 Empt: 1
Crft: 0 Drve: 0 Expr: 3
Invs: 2 Fire: 1 Intm: 1
Medc: 4 Larc: 1 Pers: 2
Occl: 4 Stlt: 2 Socl: 0
Poli: 1 Surv: 0 Stws: 3
Scnc: 1 Weap: 0 Subt: 0


There exist two know pictures of Dr. Norbu; one from her college years, smiling, standing with a group of other pre-med students. The other is an official portrait from her time working at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and is attached above.

Though she has a rather unique name, she has made an effort not to have much of a trail online. Norbu went to U of Rochester for her undergrad, then latched on to a forensic scientist named Doug Ravenel as one of his doctorate students, followed him to Harvard and Johns Hopkins, then upon finishing her doctorate taught at Wayne State University for two years.

She mostly disappears after that, though John found a few papers she published – she focuses in forensic science and pathology, and appears to have worked with some kind of law enforcement agency at some point (it is mentioned offhand but nonspecifically in one of her papers.) She pioneered at least one now-widely-used method for postmortem identification of remains, and is known in the pathology community for her unorthodox methods. John has notes from a phone call with someone in the Baltimore PD, which is your best guess for her former employer, and determine she either didn’t work there or records of her working there are classified for some reason, something unlikely in the disorganized Baltimore PD.

In the years between leaving Baltimore and joining NSS, she worked for the CIA Directorate of Science & Technology. Specific projects she worked on are still unknown. She appears to have begun employment at NSS a few months before Paul joined the team. John has found no details on her work there but does have a note that he encountered her briefly (while hiding) when he went downstairs after an injured Adam.

- Richard had Norbu perform unknown tests on Russell in the basement of NSS the weekend after he came back. He does not remember details around exactly what tests were done and does not remember clearly meeting Norbu, though he did recognize her from a photo.
- Jade said she has the skills (but not necessarily the interest) to help cure the phage. Does that mean she also potentially has the skills to create the phage?
- Norbu was working at NSS. Since Mary says one of Judith’s goals was finding a cure for vampirism, Russell thinks there could be a connection between trying to un-magify Vampires and trying to un-magify werewolves. She is trying to cure ghouls, at the least, with limited success. She is also interested in the Phage and was working on it while at NSS

- Was last seen with Virion &c for unknown reasons. We have not spoken to Iris about it yet. Marius confirmed she had left them a few weeks before the team came to find her.

- Rag Man said she may have been the person following him – the one he thinks is trying to frame him by setting the scene of the murder to look like his interactions with the stray dogs. Rag man was then trying to kill her and skinwalk with Iris.. or so he said.

- Is Norbu trying to kill Virion’s remaining ghouls?

- Is Norbu trying to hide from something or someone?

- Was she actually trying to frame the Rag Man, or was she trying to adapt his rituals for her own purposes? Or both?

- Is suspected to be a ‘Mage’, which seem to be super powerful jerks.

Currently with Iris. She’s untrusting and abrasive, but seems to have a scientific curiosity that gives some hope that she will help crack the Phage. She’s taken some tests on Russell via MRI, but she has to try and remember her notes from NSS and would like to ‘speak’ with other garou.

Tashi Norbu

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