_Rag Man

a grimy homeless veteran

POW STR: ●●○○○ INT: ●●○○○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: ●●○○○ WIT: ●●○○○ MAN: ●○○○○
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●○○○ CMP: ●●●○○
Acad: 0 Athl: 3 AnKn: 0
Comp: 0 Brwl: 3 Empt: 3
Crft: 0 Drve: 0 Expr: 2
Invs: 2 Fire: 0 Intm: 1
Medc: 0 Larc: 2 Pers: 2
Occl: 2 Stlt: 4 Socl: 0
Poli: 0 Surv: 0 Stws: 3
Scnc: 0 Weap: 0 Subt: 0

-Team was led to Dogtown after the death of Stahl. The local gang, led by Brennan Vasquez, suggested that Ragman was the likely culprit. They only let us know that after having a bit of a scuffle at the time, they did appear supernaturally influenced or controlled.

We tracked ragman down, and he took a dog form and tried to slink off. We cornered him and he was a pitiful homeless man who claimed to understand little about his powers that came from the “big dog” (fact check, is that who he called his patron?)

Anyway, he’s been putting old dogs out of their misery by killing them, and in turn taking their form for awhile, which he seems to enjoy. He was convinced he was being set up as far as the murder goes. She claimed a woman was following him, and Russell showed Norbu’s photograph which he identified as ‘possibly her’. We fed him at denny’s and went along our way.

Ragman reappeared at the warehouse where Maia was protecting Iris. At the time, Maia was unconscious and Iris and Norbu were prisoners to Ragman. There was some sort of argument going on.

Quick Thinking and planning by Luke led to getting the drop on Ragman, with Iris and Norbu escaping downstairs. Ragman had a brief scuffle with Luke which included him sicking three different spirits on him. Two of these were known to be ghoul murder victims Stahl and Marius.

Under interrogation, he seemed to go out of his way to provoke Thea, Michael, and Paul. This went as expected and he is now dead. He claimed his goal was to skinwalk in Iris’s skin indefinitely.


Who was the third ghost?
Was he being supernaturally controlled?
Is there any way to confirm his story? Talk to ghosts, perhaps?
Why was he so eager to die at the end?

_Rag Man

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