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Paul’s notes:

  • Judith is a former associate of Mary. The details are not known to us, but Mary considers her methods abhorrent, even as they both did work to benefit each other.
  • Judith is allegedly the boss lady at our branch of NSS. _Richard Eldridge was her thrall, and did her bidding. It’s eventually clear to us now that whatever our branch of NSS was doing was not normally in their purview. NSS is not, to the best of our knowledge, normally the tool of monsters.
  • Judith would repeatedly mind-wipe Evelyn and give her false memories. She wiped out Evelyn’s relationship with Adam repeatedly, for reasons that we do not yet understand.
  • Judith is likely ancient and very powerful.

“Her blood is of an age that even I cannot determine the extent of her abilities. But she can make you do whatever she wants, if you are weak. She is likely very hard to kill. And if you are unprepared, she will terrify you.” -Mary, re: her old associate Judith.

“Let no childe of Caine ever leave through this passage; let no son of Seth ever enter.” Evelyn, on what scares Judith.


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