Evelyn Peel

Administrator, forger, and historian

POW STR: ●○○○○ INT: ●●●●○ PRE: ●●●○○
FIN DEX: ●●○○○ WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: ●●●○○
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●●○○ CMP: ●○○○○
Acad: 5 Athl: 0 AnKn: 0
Comp: 1 Brwl: 0 Empt: 2
Crft: 0 Drve: 0 Expr: 1
Invs: 4 Fire: 1 Intm: 0
Medc: 1 Larc: 1 Pers: 1
Occl: 4 Stlt: 2 Socl: 2
Poli: 0 Surv: 0 Stws: 0
Scnc: 1 Weap: 0 Subt: 1

Evelyn came to America from London somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years ago. She has not discussed what brought her to the US, or Port Angeles specifically, but it is clear from her commitment and behavior that she is extremely motivated to do this work.

Evelyn is in charge not only of the Asylum’s library and research materials, but also in composing the false documentation to make the business look like a real private security firm. As such, she is the lead administrator for Richard, spending as much time writing false checks and testimonies as doing the real research of discovering the supernatural influences in and around Port Angeles.

She was assigned John as an intern close to a year ago, and has opened up to him as a maternal, if timid, figure in his life. She is cordial and shy with the other hunters, especially with Adam and Luke, who intimidate her. She values her friendship with Paul, and always has a coffee ready for him any time he needs information or just to talk. She was devastated by the loss of Russell and has not spoken to anyone on the field team since the news was broken.

Notes from Luke Winters’s fieldbook:
- Giles. historian, forger, and administrator of NSS in a former life
- was sweet on Adam and vice versa. she didn’t know he was garou – she might know now but her brain’s pretty much jelly so we can’t ask her.
- provided us contact with Michael
- previously was shy, quiet, kind. Maternal toward John and Russell, friends with Paul (who I think would be sweet on her if he was sweet on anyone).
- now she’s crazy. she and Berger witnessed Adam’s death, though she was traumatized she went back to work.
- after the accident at NSS, she was left for dead. when she emerged (we now know John rescued her), her mind was shattered.
- she now lives in the basement of Adam’s house being very meek and not all that useful.

- Confirmed: she does not have the ability to teleport
- From his friendship with her before his death, Russell had noticed she never left the building at NSS, or did so very rarely. Was she agoraphobic? Was she scared of something or someone outside?
- When Russell returned, she was able to go leave with Louis and Susan now and then, and Dan had a vision of her at Adam’s house. Was her relationship with Adam the correlation?
- Susan said she was very fragile and we should keep anything supernatural away from her or she may have another “episode”, though we don’t know what that means.
- She does not remember large pieces of her past – does not seem to remember much about NSS at all, though fleeting pieces come back. She remembered Paul a few nights ago.
- she maintains all her technical and research skills and had been helping Susan and the team in our absence.
- when NSS was attacked, Evelyn did not escape with the core group. She was found a week later wandering around town – what’s the timeline for this? Was she allowed to remain downstairs at NSS without being harmed for some reason, or did John find her within hours of the original attack and she was just lucky?
- She was researching the Sanskrit symbols for us, but now she is almost dead so she can have an extension on that assignment.
- Adam said that he would kill Paul if she ever found out about him being a garou. It is unknown whether she saw him change or appear in a different form when he saved her.

Evelyn Peel

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