Adam Garand

Contract hunter, Werewolf expert


I don’t know why I’m a one man guy
Or why I’m a one man show
But these three cubic feet of bone and blood and meat are all I love and know

POW STR: 3/4/6/5/3 INT: ●○○○○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: 4/4/5/6/6 WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: 2/1/2/0/2
RES STA: 4/5/6/6/5 RSV: ●●●○○ CMP: ●●●○○
Acad: 0 Athl: 2 AnKn: 3
Comp: 0 Brwl: 3 Empt: 3
Crft: 1 Drve: 0 Expr: 0
Invs: 2 Fire: 2 Intm: 2
Medc: 1 Larc: 0 Pers: 0
Occl: 2 Stlt: 3 Socl: 0
Poli: 0 Surv: 3 Stws: 0
Scnc: 0 Weap: 1 Subt: 0

Adam is the intensely quiet and calm, slightly gruff, but steadfast and reliable werewolf expert for Northwest Security Systems. On the job, he is professional, efficient, and ruthless once he finds his target – the consummate hunter. Outside of field assignments, he is polite and awkward with his coworkers. He doesn’t laugh as often as he ought to and looks very uncomfortable around Richard. It is extremely unlikely that he owns a tie.

Adam is very respectful if a bit too quiet with Paul, and after some initial conflict with Luke – you get the feeling he feels some competitiveness there – he mostly avoids the outdoorsman. He has shown a recent weariness for John, and it’s unclear whether he feels avuncular and protective towards the kid or thinks he can’t cut it as a field agent. Either way, he was furious when John was promoted, and has shown such emotion only one other time – the night Russell was killed. He has been on leave since that night and has not checked in with a return date.

Russell note – His death is no longer confirmed – seek clarification from Evelyn and Susan, who he saved – did anyone actually SEE him die, like all the way die? or did he just “not make it”. His transformation to fight Dexter may have caused the Phage to wolf him.

Update: Adam was not killed,b ut instead captured by Judith and tortured for awhile, for no known reason. He was saved from the flooding of the NSS office basement. He was badly injured and unconscious for awhile

Adam Garand

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