PREGAME ENCOUNTERS: Lots of exciting things, I’m sure.
Subtotal: 25

Subtotal: -10


+5: Hunters involved
+1: Dexter displays his ability to shapeshift (hispo to crinos)
+1: Dexter bites John and there is nasty green smoke
+1: Adam’s life saved
+1: Drove Dexter off

Subtotal: 9

SECOND ENCOUNTER: Hairy Arms, Scary Face, and Pool Bitch

+4: Hunters involved
+1: Exceptional headshot of Pool Bitch
+1: Dropping Pool Bitch’s body in front of Mindy & Co.
+1: Hairy Arms shows off Command Fire
+1: Scary Face shows off Primal Howl
+1: Successful use of Moral Support
+1: In the field, no less!
+1: Saved the lives of Mindy, Tracy, and Martina
+3: Killed HA, SF and PB
-1: Mindy got bitten and Tracy bonked her knee really hard on the golf cart
Subtotal: 13


-3: Subterfuge 1 for Dan
-3: Subterfuge 1 for Luke
-3: Subterfuge 1 for John
-6: Subterfuge 2 for Paul
Subtotal: -15

Encounter Three: Martin and Natalya, Pt. 1

+3: Hunters involved
+1: Natalya displays telekinesis
+1: Drove Natalya off
-1: A bystander comes to harm (SECRETS)
Subtotal: 4

Encounter Four: Martin, Natalya, and [Redacted], Pt. 2

+3: Hunters involved
+1: Natalya and [REDACTED] display possession
+1: Saved Martin’s life
+1: Dan learns an important lesson about trying to stab a dodging John
+1: Drove [REDACTED] off
-1: Everybody attacked each other
-1: John and Dan fall victim to a mind-influencing power
Subtotal: 5

Russell gets Expression!

-3: Expression 1 to Russell

Subtotal: -3

Encounter Five: “Luke” and Russell go at it.

+3 Hunters Involved (since three of you were passive participants, you’re counting as one)
+1 Exceptional successes (Russell)
+1 Dramatic Failures (Luke)
+1 Drove the creature off
-1 Mind-affecting power (Luke)
-1 Direct danger (Luke vs Russell)
Subtotal: 4

John gets a Contact!

-12: Contact (3) for John: Michael Ellison
Subtotal: -12

Ornithopters with knives

+5 Hunters Involved
-2 Forced to flee!
Subtotal: 3

We Bought a Zoo (of a Safehouse)

-20 Size 4 Safehouse
-12 Secrecy 3 Safehouse
-6 Cache 2 Safehouse
-5 from Paul to pay for Safehouse
-10 from Dan to pay for Safehouse
Subtotal: -38 (-23 from PXP)

Garou in the Theatre

+6 Hunters involved (dang!)
+1 New powers seen (Redacted runs fast!)
+1 Drove off Redacted
+2 Captured Artoo
+2 Successful new strategy: tranq guns
-1 Working against each other – Dan vs Maia
-1 Dan puts Maia in direct danger; Maia tries to shoot Dan
Subtotal: 10

Resources for All!

-5 Repay to Paul
-2 Paul (Resources 1)
-2 Russell (Resources 1)
-1 to Luke
Subtotal: -10

Dexter and Garou

+5 Lump sum for surviving your encounters with Dexter, a pack of unhappy Garou, a friendly old monk, and a fox with nine tails.
Subtotal: +5

The Kindly Ones

+3 Hunters involved
+1 Luke’s dramatic failure grappling Susanoo
+1 New powers seen (Uh, many)
+1 Moral Support never stops helping!
-1 There were some mind-affecting powers up ins
No penalty for leaving before killing them; it wasn’t fleeing so much as intentional escape.
Subtotal: 5

Far and Away

+3 Hunters involved
+1 Saved Ryan’s life
+2 Destroyed the copters (I waffled between 1 for driving them off, because they self-destructed, and 3 because they were technically destroyed. This reward will get smaller the more you face these things.)
Subtotal: 6

The Pendulum

+6 Hunters involved (Russell, Luke, Paul, Martin, Maia, Declan)
+1 New powers witnessed
+1 Saved mundie lives! This is a first, I think, good job kids!
-1 Unfortunately many, many other bystanders came to harm
-1 Luke falls victim to a mind-influencing power
-2 Many, many bystanders killed
Subtotal: 4

The Dilettante

+4 Hunters involved
+1 New powers witnessed (Awe!)
+1 Saving the lives of innocents/sort of innocents!
+3 Killed that fucker
-1 Iris got fucked up
-1 Everybody falls victim to a mind-influencing power
Subtotal: 7

Charon’s Obol

+5 Hunters Involved (Paul, Russell, Luke, Declan, and Martin. Iris and Ryan don’t count.)
+1 Saved Iris’s life
+1 Drove Ryan off
-1 Iris came to harm!
-1 Luke vs Declan vs Ryan vs Paul
-1 Mind-influencing powers strike again.
-1 Oh dear, this one was a bit of a mess. Putting others in direct danger
Subtotal: 3

Rabbit Hole

+5 Hunters Involved
+4 Exeptional successes: Salt head arrow vs. Azlu, Bullet vs. Azlu, Bravery vs Azlu x2
+1 Utter failure as Russell get scared all to hell by the (admittedly scary) spider demon bearing down on him.
+1 Successful tactic, see above about this
+3 Killed the Host
-1 Those pesky mind-affecting powers again…
Subtotal: 13

Sacrament of Penance

+5 Hunters Involved
+1 Telepathy displayed (to most of you!)
-1 Mind-affecting power :(
Subtotal: 5

Staking and everything that goes into it

-2 Thea and Dom to Moral Support
-6 Thea (Brawl 2) (Includes 3XP of her own)
-3 Luke Weaponry 2 (includes 3XP of his own
-6 Luke Med 2
-3 Paul (Brawl 2) Includes 3XP of his own
-6 Russell (Brawl 2) Includes 3XP of his own
-6 Dom (Brawl 2) Includes 3XP of his own
-14 Staking
Subtotal: -46

High Noon

+4 Hunters involved
+1 Extraordinary successes (Dom shoots Sully. Ivan =! monster)
+1 New powers (FUCKING ZOMBIES)
+1 Drove Charles off
-1 Sully & Michael in direct danger
-3 Sully killed.
Subtotal: 3

There and Back Again

+3 Hunters involved
+1 Despite not working, dominate!
+1 Saved Michael
+1 Drove “Michael” off
+3 Magda go boom!
-1 Michael and Salem harmed
-1 Fire + enclosed space + vampire = danger
Subtotal: 7

Only the Mighty

+5 Hunters involved
+1 Dramatic failure rolled
-1 Group working at odds
-2 Had to retreat
Subtotal: 3

ConLag for All

-10 (-2×5): ConLag Merit for 5 PCs

Attention Walmart Shoppers

+4 Hunters involved
+3 Killed Heckel
Subtotal: 7

CeCe Peniston

+6: Hunters involved
+4: Exceptional successes vs werewolves
+4: Killed that mofo! You get extra for hating him more than usual bad guys.
-1: Hunter on hunter (Ben vs Luke)
-2: Julia died :(
Subtotal: 11

In the Ground

+5: Hunters involved
+1: Thea exceptionally zombies those zombies
+3: Zombie threat ended!
Subtotal: 9


+4: Hunters involved
+3: You killed that mofo!
Subtotal: 7


+4: Hunters involved
+1: Paul shoots Wax exceptionally
+1: So many new powers, so many
+2: Creature captured!
-1: Wax and Judith all up in your minds
Subtotal: 7


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