.Dominic Ellison has confirmed to Russell the existence of a group of supernaturally powerful being called Mages. It is suspected that a Mage of some sort is behind the Phage.

Known and Suspected Mages

_Jade – Dominic believes that based on Russell’s description, she was likely a mage.

Dr. Tashi Norbu – Russell suspects if she has the ability to work “life and spirit” magic, she’s a mage.

The helicopter guy?

The fox?


(all unconfirmed – exhibiting powerful abilities so far unexplained).

Stuff about Mages

Mages seem to be regular humans (or had been). Jade has a regular human sister (well, I guess that’s not confirmed).

Euthanatos are related to death and entropy. Dom has confirmed they have an alliance of sort with mages.

Dreamspeakers – are almost certainly another type of group affiliate as mentioned by Jade.

Technocrats/Syndicate – Either Mages, or groups of people that include mages. They were hunting down Jade and likely behind the cover up.

Mages seem to have a litany similar to Garou. It seems like they’re pretty good at covering shit up. I wonder if they are either restricted from or hesitant to directly involve normals – this may explain why they led the seeds to have Harry go after Michael instead of going after him directly (if that is, in fact, their goal.. but it seems likely someone is setting him up that knows about Mages). Also, the helicopter guy has made a conscious decision not to kill us at least a couple of times. Due to the number of copters, it is clear we could have been killed virtually at any time.


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