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  • Pete Boothby

    NOTES: -services recommended by Michael -expert taxidermist, supernatural ghost specialist. -freaked out when he saw Russell -Michael was surprised he was acting so scared, suggested he probably didn't trust us. - Michael suggested we get …

  • Luke Winters

    Born on the other side of Olympic National Forest in nearby Aberdeen, Washington, Luke has always loved the outdoors. After his father ran off and his mother died in childbirth he was raised by his maternal grandparents in their trailer home community. …

  • _Ian Ellison

    ALSO A BAD GUY. ----- LUKE: “I did not mean to overstep, Uktena.” STORY: “HE LIES WITH THE NORTHERN TRIBE. HE USURPS THEIR TOTEM.” LUKE: “Will you give me the knowledge and tools to defeat The Fox, Great Uktena?” RUSSELL: Russell whispers “The …

  • Carole

    Michael affiliated mage. She's not a friend of ours, or isn't anymore. No idea if Ian got to her, or if she's been working for him this entire time. Also, a total nerd.

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