Iris Senai

A troubled girl with powerful allure.

POW STR: ●●●○○ INT: ●●●○○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: ●●●○○ WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: ●●○○○
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●○○○ CMP: ●●○○○
Acad: 0 Athl: 2 AnKn: 1
Comp: 0 Brwl: 3 Empt: 2
Crft: 1 Drve: 1 Expr: 4
Invs: 1 Fire: 3 Intm: 2
Medc: 1 Larc: 2 Pers: 1
Occl: 1 Stlt: 2 Socl: 0
Poli: 0 Surv: 1 Stws: 1
Scnc: 0 Weap: 2 Subt: 2

Case Notes

  • Richard brought Paul to meet Iris in the rough part of town. She was in a rough apartment on the wrong side of the tracks, tied with her legs and feet to a bed. In the fridge was a jar filled with blood, that she desperately wanted to get at. Richard showed Paul this, in front of her, driving her into a frenzy. According to Richard, she was poisoned with the blood of a demon, which had driven her wild. They were working to detox her. Richard injected her with drugs to knock her out.
  • In her blood frenzy, Iris is noticeably inhumanly strong (for the thickness of her arm. Richard was able to overpower her when she got a hand free; unknown whether Richard is also inhumanly strong)
  • Richard claimed that Declan was responsible for her being in that state. As proof, he showed Paul her cellphone, which in fact detailed evidence that they were planning to meet and exchange packages and the like, all in coded words. Richard claimed that Iris was in that rough apartment as part of a sting to capture Declan. The blood was kept around so she could have a little bit of it to believably play the part.
  • Iris was downstairs at NSS and escaped. Luke and Adam were sent to recapture her but instead rescued her (not trusting Richard) and Adam hid her out at his carriage house. She had blood all over her face – was Richard feeding her Judith’s blood?
  • Paul and Declan went to check on her, learned that Adam was a werewolf and that she had alluring abilities. Unclear on the details there but she got Adam and Declan near about to fighting on her behalf.
  • Declan, for his part, told Paul that he was providing Iris with morphine to deal with her cravings for the blood.
  • Iris is Catholic; she even wears a cross around her neck.
  • She might also be prone to seizures.
  • Declan met her in a bar, in Seattle, where she’s from.
  • Declan admits to giving her morphine, on her request, to help her deal with her pain. She’s also beat the hell out of him from time to time.
  • Declan also says that she would look him in the eye and he’d feel compelled to help her. Whether that’s because he’s a weak man, or she has some power, it’s hard to say.
  • Iris looks human to Paul’s magic sight.
  • Adam was not surprised by the idea that Iris would have suggestive ability. He said “the Wyrm” had given her something. He said that she had tried it on him, as well.
  • Adam had talked to Evelyn about Iris. Evelyn was looking into it. We should find Evelyn’s notes about Iris. Hopefully.
  • she lived with Declan and Martin in the carriage house after Adam left. While we were away, she left one day. Declan: “Iris turned one night, just lost it, attacked everyone, and ran off. That part’s simple, actually. She’s been gone a few months.”
  • joined up with Virion as his ghoul/wife/daughter? I dunno, it was weird. We rescued her again, she caused trouble between Ryan and Declan that damn night and got herself in the hospital.
  • Michael offered, Luke supported, and Paul decided to “take care of” her. Turns out it wasn’t an idiom, and she is recuperating in a safe house under Michael’s care with Maia helping out. At Russell’s request, Huell is heading over to check on them.

UPDATE: Now Iris is with Dr. Norbu.
The Dr. claims she is trying to cure her addiction to blood / ghoulishness.

She has physically aged ten years – perhaps from the lack of Vampire blood. (What’s her real age? wasn’t she just turned to a ghoul recently?)

Russell said she seemed a bit out of it when they were speaking, like in a bit of a fog remembering him. She did not seem to use any supernatural abilities but seemed to have fun playing pretend.

Iris Senai

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