The deformed, insane creature that murdered Russell and fled.

POW STR: 4/5/7/6/4 INT: ●●●○○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: 4/4/5/6/6 WIT: ●●●●○ MAN: 4/3/4/1/4
RES STA: 4/5/6/6/5 RSV: ●●●●○ CMP: ●●●○○
Acad: 0 Athl: 4 AnKn: 0
Comp: 0 Brwl: 4 Empt: 0
Crft: 1 Drve: 0 Expr: 0
Invs: 2 Fire: 0 Intm: 4
Medc: 1 Larc: 0 Pers: 0
Occl: 2 Stlt: 3 Socl: 0
Poli: 2 Surv: 4 Stws: 0
Scnc: 0 Weap: 3 Subt: 1


Formerly nicknamed Dexter, in hiding as Atlas


Notes from Luke Winters’s fieldbook:
- metis garou, means he is a werewolf born by the joining of two werewolves (which is super taboo in the werewolf community). metis are always born deformed and in crinos (war) form. they’re generally shunned and seen as mistakes.
- cannibal. the first time we encountered him, he was crounched over the body of a dead homid garou, eating her. he then killed Russell very badly – Russell suffered – and ran.
- next time we saw him, he was fighting with Adam in the woods. he tried to kill John. He did not try to kill Adam. Why?
- after Dan’s betrayal of Maia, Dexter attacked Susan’s truck, took Dan into the woods, and tore him in half. theory: he has a crush on Maia. I’ll admit it’s thin.
- he works for someone – we don’t know who. he said as much after killing Dan.

- Tails seems to have known Dexter. Dexter claimed responsibility for killing Tails to Russell (who he also acknowledged killing). For that reason Russell suspects that Dexter was involved with the northern Washingtonian CoG tribe, since that is where Tails comes from.
- Works with someone who can “cure us”? Dexter expressed that this person would be disappointed that Tails was not dead, implying that Tails and that guy knew (or knew of) each other.
- Dexter works for or with the controller of the mini-helicopter drones.
- Because of his relationship to the CoG, he may be working for the Fox.
- Knows Adam, does not seem to think he’s dead. (possibly did not kill him).
- The only ‘ordered’ kill seems to be Tails. Russell was “being drunk”, Dan was “in the way”, and Adam may not have been killed at all.


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